The PiReM development team employs the product alignment approach towards further development of the dynamic software tool. Widespread expert knowledge from science and technology, engineering know-how and IT expertise is incorporated into the continuous improvement process of the basic software. The constant flow of information from experience into the product development process makes it possible to cater to customers’ needs and find customized solutions for new modules such as gas, electricity, and pipelines. New findings resulting from further development are integrated into existing modules and made available to the customers as upgrades.

The dynamic development of PiReM Systems offers energy providers an innovative cross-sector rehabilitation planning for energy net systems. PiReM supports distribution network operators in the systematic recording, assessment and control of risks in the power grid. Moreover an outstanding know-how exchange and latent operational and managerial synergies can be achieved through all-in-one rehabilitation planning by multi-utility providers. 

PiReM is an easy-to-use decision support system which can be directly integrated into the ongoing rehabilitation management of a business. The optimization of the rehabilitation management guarantees more security and sustainability in the planning process as well as the secured maintaining value of the important municipal infrastructure for future generations.