Simple use-immediate implementation-big effect

PiReM is an easy-to use decision support system which can be directly integrated into the ongoing rehabilitation management of a business. The optimization of the rehabilitation management guarantees more security and sustainability in the planning process as well as the secured maintaining value of the important municipal infrastructure for future generations. 

All-in-one Solution PiReM

In addition to the software toll, PiReM Systems includes an extensive service package which completes the rehabilitation management with PiReM.

Add-on Services with PiReM

Years of experience of the scientific experts on the development team at Graz University of Technology and the innovative implementation by specialists from GUEP Software GmbH assure the continuous further development of PiReM. The continuous improvement and expansion of the software is brought to the market in the form of updates. Through the return of data from field, on the one hand, the improvement of standard groups is made possible, and on the other hand, practical findings in the improvement process are incorporated into the software tool.

In addition to maintenance, service and support of the software PiReM, the service contract comprises an annual subscription fee, which contractually ensures the software updates with add-ons and new developments as well as new versions of the software. Extensive consultation concerning data preparation, data analysis and interpretation of the analysis is provided in continuing professional trainings.